Kollet Russel - a Different Person Today

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Kollet Russel - a Different Person Today 

I am writing these few lines to express myself what this program has done for me. It has made me a different person today. Make me see that I can become something of my life and have something for myself and to be someone.

I think God has given me a chance to be my best and to make something of my life and so I have decided to work hard and do my best not to let down  myself and my children who believe in me so much.

This is the final line to all of you thank you Miss Harris and Mr. Messam and Mr. Hunt and Mr. Simmons and Mr. Williams for all that you have done for me and for everyone of us that attend the program. May God keep blessing you all and keep you strong and keep doing your hard work for us.

Thanks again and bye for now.