When Persons Go Missing

One on One with the Police


When Persons Go Missing

It is the Organization's responsibility to thoroughly investigate all reports of missing persons. We will:

Ensure that all investigations will be thoroughly and efficiently conducted and provide regular feedback to the parties concerned.

If a person goes missing, or is suspected to be missing

  • Take all reasonable and practical steps to ensure that the individual is indeed missing. This may involve making contact with friends, relatives and associates of that person.
  • If you are unsuccessful, make a missing person report to the nearest police station IMMEDIATELY. Do not wait for 24 hours to elapse before making your report.

Provide information to the officer taking the report at the station on the following:

  • The name of missing person and a recent full size photograph of the person with facial features fully visible. (If you are unable to provide a photograph, then the police will assist you in developing a composite photograph);
  • The period the individual went missing and where last seen must be communicated to the investigating officer;
  • A vivid description of the person (the height, weight, color of hair, distinguishing marks such as tattoos, scars and birthmarks);
  • Give a description of the clothing the missing person was last seen wearing;
  • Places frequently visited by this individual and his/her associates;
  • Provide a comprehensive statement to the police of the circumstances surrounding the person going missing, and sign to it.

Ways you may help with a missing person investigation

  • Be involved in any voluntary search team;
  • Assist in the distribution of fliers, stickers, posters or any other community alert activity (flash alert).

If your missing family member or friend has been located, the following will be required:

  • Make a report immediately to the police who will interview the victim and record a written statement.
  • Children under state care will remain in the care of the police who will hand over the juvenile to the Child Development Agency.

The Police will ensure that the returned person will be given emotional support through the Victim Support Unit.

If you are not satisfied with the missing person investigation, contact the local Station Manager. If you are still not satisfied with the response, then you should have dialogue with the Officer in Charge of Criminal Investigation Branch in your division.