Core Values

One on One with the Police


Core Values

Our Members are our most important resource

The Jamaica Constabulary is committed to developing a police service of quality that:

  • offers an attractive career choice for citizens from all sections of the Jamaican society;
  • develop all members to their full potential to ensure excellence in the delivery of police service;
  • provides scope for fulfilling career opportunities for all members and ensures enlightened leadership and management.

Continuous learning and improving- our building blocks

The extent to which we fulfill our pledge of delivering high quality service valued by all the people of Jamaica is commensurate with both the individual members and the organization being engaged in continuous learning. The organization has a responsibility to provide members with learning and developmental opportunities, and members have an equal obligation to be self-directed and willing to embrace those opportunities. In doing so we will ensure that we effectively acquire key attributes of being professionals; mastery and expertise of the knowledge, skills and attitudes are the cornerstones of competence.

At the organizational level we will seek to develop critical strategic thinkers and analysts with the capacity to apply intellectual rigor to policing problems and their solutions.

In a changing, complex and diverse world, while we respect experience we also support creativity and value innovation from our members as we pursue our goal of continuous improvement.

We aim to become a true learning organization that is open, honest and willing to engage in self examination to learn from our experiences and those of others and so build a performance culture of best practice.

Leadership that models professionalism

As the national police service, The Jamaica Constabulary has a leadership role in the society. We must be committed to providing a quality and style of leadership that will enforce and defend the rules of law in a manner consistent with the principles of a democratic society.

We must develop authentic leadership at all levels of the organization that can be role models capable of inspiring and persuading both police and citizens to commit to the new vision of the JCF and its relationship with the public.

Transformative thinking, learning and the willingness and courage to embrace change and uncertainty, true openness and honesty and trust in our members' ability to perform and deliver must form part of our new value system.

The Good name and reputation of the Force: Building "Brand JCF"

The credibility of the police is dependent on its corporate image; it must seek, at all times, not to be the subject of unfavorable media and public comment/scrutiny because of unethical conduct amongst members. It is incumbent upon all of us to avoid scandals and the repetition of such behaviours that will harm the JCF's brand. It is not enough for a few individuals to be outstanding; we all should strive to keep the badge shining brightly.

The professional and personal life of each member should at all times enhance the prestige and honor of the office we hold and contribute to public approval and respect for our organization.