CSJP III to Receive $115 Million to Continue Justice System Support

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(Contributed by the Jamaica Information Service)

Activities under the Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP) III will be boosted with an allocation of $115 million in this year’s budget.

As contained in the 2014/15 Estimates of Expenditure currently being reviewed by the Standing Finance Committee of the House of Representatives, the money will go towards enhancing citizen security and justice in targetted communities, through the increased use of gender-responsive justice services.

For this fiscal year 150 victims and volunteers will receive planned services through the victim support office; 10 victims will receive emergency food supplies and funeral expenses; 200 individuals will be enabled to deal with trauma through psychological screening, counselling and therapy; 20 children will be assisted to deal with court proceedings (children in court programme); while parenting training targeting 100 parents will be conducted.

Also, 20 individuals, including children, will benefit from legal representation; 140 persons on remand will be provided with duty counsel; 5,000 Justice of the Peace manuals will be developed and published; training will be provided for 50 new Justices of the Peace; and the school suspension intervention programme will commence with 400 students.

Additionally 60 male youth will be enrolled in the Young Men’s Work Programme; 160 persons are to be trained in mediation; continued support will be provided to restorative justice facilitators; and 40 Restorative Justice sessions will be held in communities.

The project is being funded by the Canadian International Development Agency; the Department for International Development (UK); the Inter-American Development Bank; and the Government of Jamaica.

CSJP III falls under the Ministry of Justice, and is scheduled to start in June 2014, and end in May 2019.