CSJP Provides Lifeline for Mechanical Engineer

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Aundre Weller, who is employed to the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, in New Kingston, as a shift engineer.

PHOTO: Aundre Weller, who is employed to the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, in New Kingston, as a shift engineer.


(Contributed by the Jamaica Information Service)

Searching for a job can oftentimes be a tedious undertaking.  However, the one offered to 28-year-old mechanical engineer, Aundre Weller, through the Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP), has become a lifeline.

Employed to the recently opened Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in New Kingston since October last year, Mr. Weller, a 2012 graduate of the University of Technology, serves the Hotel as its shift engineer.

His job requires knowledge and expertise of building maintenance and other procedures necessary to solve the problems when they arise.

“Any problems that arise in the rooms, we are there to solve them for the guests and likewise to help maintain the entire (hotel) building itself,”  Mr. Weller tells JIS News.

Having been employed to the hotel for only a short time, the confident mechanical engineer describes his experience as “challenging,” yet “rewarding.”

“It offers a great opportunity and is exciting. Whenever something goes wrong you will have to research it, in order to find out where the problem is. That is where the challenge is and then you have to figure out the solution to that problem,” he says.

Mr. Weller credits his love for engineering as the reason he loves his job and looks forward to taking on the new challenges that will arise while at work each day.

He expresses gratitude to CSJP, the organisation working with at-risk youth, for the help that he was able to receive in his job search and development. He  says his  sister introduced him to the programme and encouraged him to apply.

“It was a wonderful experience. It helps inner city youth gain as much exposure as they can, and as you progress, with education. They also offer summer employment to persons and in my case, as a representative of the youth at-risk programme, it guides you in a direction for employment,” he says.

Mr. Weller is encouraging other individuals to get involved with the CSJP. “For youth, I would recommend that they get to know CSJP as best as possible,” he urges.

Meanwhile, CSJP Job Placement Officer, Karlene Buzzar, says  the CSJP initiative of linking youth to the hotel came about through one of the funding partners, who had a relationship with the Marriott Hotel.

“The CSJP did a general mobilization throughout our 50 communities by putting in community advertisements and word of mouth recruitment. The resumes were collected and batched, based on job positions that the Marriott indicated were available,” she tells JIS News.

A meeting was subsequently convened between the hotel’s Human Resource Manager and a CSJP Placement Officer and the selections were made.

Individuals selected in the field of customer service, auditing, housekeeping and engineering underwent a period of training and was provided with orientation in time for the hotel’s opening in early December, last year.

Ms. Buzzar believes that these young people are trailblazers. “If they do well, they will set the pace for other youth. Additionally, it shows that nothing is impossible as long as you are educated and set realistic goals and work towards achieving them. A good attitude is also necessary,” she said.

The CSJP is a multi-faceted crime and violence prevention initiative of the Ministry of National Security, which focuses on building community safety and security. The programme provides crime and violence prevention services to 50 vulnerable and volatile communities, spanning eight parishes.