Hannah Town Group Raises Back to School Support

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The parenting group in Hannah Town has a goal this summer – get funds to assist the kids of group members with back-to-school support.

And so, on July 15 they staged one of their most successful events to date – a movie night that drew a 'spilling-through-the-doors' crowd to the community centre, despite rain.

Patricia McCrae, group president, said the aim of this fundraiser and others planned is to provide sustained help for the group of over 40 parents, who meet once a month with the goal of sharing ideas and lessons on how to better parent their children.

'Movie night' saw the showing of the play, 'Single Entry', which had a huge turnout willing to pay the price tag of $100 for adults and $50 for children.

It was a side-splitting experience for the audience which watched two Jamaican women use ingenious strategies in attempting to board a plane in search of a better life for themselves and their children in America.

But not enough money was raised to satisfy the needs of the back-to-school project, McCrae said. Undeterred, the group will next spearhead a tag drive. Persons will be approached for pledges which the group hopes will raise more money towards their cause.

It is hoped that when enough funds are raised, the group should be able to give vouchers to parents to help support back-to-school expenses.

The funding is extremely important for members of the group who have renewed appreciation for the benefits of a good education.

McCrae explained that the group of over 40 parents help each other to be better parents to their children through shared experiences, skills teaching and shared support, bearing in mind that improper parenting practices help to fuel criminal and violent behaviour.

The parenting programme started three years ago with the help of the Kingston Restoration Company, and is funded by the Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP).